The Hermit

There is a big difference between solitude and loneliness, and The Hermit is definitely the former.

We live in a busy world that doesn’t make a lot of space for solitude, and many people don’t understand it. But time apart can bring great gifts. To truly embrace solitude, you have to learn to be at peace with yourself, to value your own company as much as that of a dear friend. When you care for a home with no visitors or prepare a meal to be eaten alone, you have to begin to accept that you are worthy of these gestures, that they are not just a thing for company.

When The Hermit comes up, consider taking some time for yourself. It can be as little as a few hours in afternoon, if that’s all you can spare, or a retreat weekend. Pay attention to the discomforts that arise, and the places where feel at peace. What do you hear when you aren’t speaking? What do you see when there are no distractions?