Who is strong? A strongman, certainly. A weight-lifter, a body builder. A laborer, a marathon runner, a long-distance swimmer. Ants are incredibly strong for their body-weight, and a human hair is three times stronger than a copper wire of the same thickness. A spiderweb is even stronger.

Physical strength is not the only kind, of course- there’s mental strength and acuity; there’s perseverance, dedication, a solid work ethic. There’s emotional tenacity and stability in the face of devastating change and loss.  There’s the kind of dogged resistance that underlies grassroots movements, and the deep-seated passion that brings about revolutionary change, as well as their counterparts, enduring certainty and entrenched tradition.

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where are you being called to be strong, or to improve your strength? What strengths are called for in this situation? If you are not the strong one, who is?