Strength is HARD.

It’s hard-won, it’s sore, it’s painful. It’s time-consuming and requires willpower. It means getting out of a warm bed and resisting the allure of a comfortable couch. It means not letting rain or darkness or wind deter you.

But it doesn’t always mean winning the race.

Strength doesn’t come from being the fastest runner, the one lifting the heaviest weights. It means being the person who hangs onto that dedication and that drive, who pushes a little bit more each time. It means a commitment to improving on who you were the day before.

Strength is more than anything a challenge to yourself. To not back down when you feel unmotivated, to not listen to others who doubt you, to ignore the people much farther along in the journey than you are. It’s about knowing what you want to achieve and working for it.

You are strong enough.