The Chariot

Ready … set …. GO!

Go where? Well, pick a road. Any road. See where it leads you. You can always turn around if you don’t like it, right? Or maybe you’ll find a better detour farther down the line.

The Chariot is all about motion, and get up and go. Sometimes, you’ll see a card that shows a still Chariot with two animals leading it, which is an important reminder that in order to go somewhere, you have to pick a direction. If you try to have two horses pulling opposite ways, you’ll never get anywhere. So don’t think too hard about your choices, just pick one, get on your steed (or motorcycle, or bike, or sensible hybrid car) and hit the gas.

When The Chariot comes up, look for ways you can move ahead, places you can get on board with some forward momentum. Even if it’s scary, even if you don’t quite know where it’s going to lead you. Just hold tight and see what happens.  You might be pleasantly surprised.