The Emperor

The Emperor is a leader. And like any leader, an Emperor can be good or bad. Think of the Romans and the tales of some of the most outrageous excesses to come from the leaders of that empire.

When gone too far, an Emperor becomes obsessed with his own power, petty and vengeful against those beneath him. Too concerned over remaining in charge, he rules by fear and uncertainty. He indulges himself at the expense of others, and keeps people off balance with constant changes in mood and direction.

But not all leaders give into that danger.

A good Emperor is a leader by example, one who goes where he expects others to follow. This kind of Emperor is the kind who mentors, who is forgiving and kind. A leader secure enough in his own power to nurture the best in others, he provides for stability and consistency that allows people to shine.

When this card comes up, it can mean many things. Is there an Emperor — good or bad– in a key area of your life? How are you relating to that person? Are you the Emperor? If so, are you giving into your fears or trusting in faith? Will you allow yourself to be the best kind of leader? Will you lead the way you would want to be led if you had to follow?