The Empress

A woman reclines in the height of the warm summer sunlight, the Earth in bloom around her, sprouting fields and flowers and birds and bees and all good living things. She is young, but not too young to carry authority; she is beautiful, but not unapproachable; she is pregnant with possibility, full of energy and yet also in the process of unfolding. She is firm and beneficent, looking you in the eye and inviting you to approach, to share with her in the unending abundance that surrounds her.

The Empress symbolizes Nature at its absolute peak, bursting forth with fecundity, both literal and symbolic. Where the Empress is, there is no want, no need, no fear. She is above the Queens, beyond the suits; she is the embodiment of all that is good and nourishing and enjoyable in the world, and she gives of her abundance freely and without condition or attachment.

How do you manifest abundance in your life? How do you rule with enjoyment, showering blessings freely upon those around you? Where could you be more present in your own possibility? What can you do to encourage the height of summer’s heat and prosperity to shine in your own life?