The Empress

Although she has the title of a ruler, the Empress is not a card of power, but one of abundance. Fecundity, really, is the word that comes to mind.

Often the Empress is connected with fertility in the traditional sense — she is frequently depicted as a pregnant woman. However, there is much more fertility than birthing a baby. There’s the fertility of a garden ripe with fresh produce, an orchard spilling over with fruit, an artist scrawling across canvas, and a writer feverishly scribbling on the page.

The most important aspect of the Empress is not just what she brings forth, but her ability to nurture it. Creativity starts before an idea comes to form, and it continues after it begins. The Empress in this role begs you to ask what it is you are trying to nurture and bring into this world, and to consider what resources you are devoting to it.