The High Priestess

She sits quietly, or stands powerfully, or watches with equanimity from the center of the stones. She is old beyond belief, her will stronger than iron, her wisdom deeper than the sea. Look into her eyes and see not only your fate, but the whirling void of the cosmos itself, infinite and beyond time. Feel her in the rush of blood in your ears, the roar of the tides, the silence of midnight.

The card of unconscious knowing, the High Priestess signifies gut instinct, hidden or repressed emotions, and inner wisdom. She is gut instinct, and ancestral knowledge- she taps into the Universal Subconscious, and is that understanding that flows through all souled creatures. She is the magic that we do both with and without thought, the unity of need, desire, and will that bypasses outer ritualization.

When the High Priestess appears, pay attention to your instincts. Check in with your innermost self, and see if something is awry, or calling for attention. Where do you need to take a step back and look at a situation with your peripheral vision? What do you see when you look at someone’s aura, rather than their face? What signs is the universe giving you in the dark and quiet times and places?