The High Priestess

Priestess, know thyself.

To be the High Priestess is to be the person who holds a seat of wisdom, and who knows her own strengths and limits. This is not flashy leadership, full of glamour and blatant displays of power.

This is the leadership of wisdom, of sitting quietly with the truth and working to bring it forward into the world. The High Priestess is in touch with herself and the world, and she’s not afraid of the truths that come in quiet.

We like to drown that out now, with connection and distraction. Phones, videos, music, always going, always on. To get in touch with the High Priestess, take time to get away from the noise. It doesn’t have to be a cabin in the woods — just a night with the noise turned off, sitting and attuning with one’s mind. What is there? What do you hear in the silence?