The Magician

For every will there is a way, for every job, a tool. If we can visualize our destination, we can then construct the journey which leads to the top. If we focus our desire, we can create our world in our own image. As above, so below; as within, so without.

The Magician is, in some ways, the spider at the center of the web. They are so tapped in to the world/s around them that any ripple, any change, reflects down to them, giving them every piece of information about their environment. The Magician is an enlightened being, fully conscious and aware of their own perfections and flaws, their own powers and failings, and because of this centeredness, is full of vast potential, simply waiting for the spark of will to direct it.

How can you embody your own directed will? How can becoming fully aware of yourself and your surroundings empower you to pick up your tools and make the changes you wish to see?  What do you will? How are you the most powerful being in your own world?