The Magician

The Magician is the one who makes things happen. It’s easy to think only of the theatrics of magic here — rabbits pulled out of hats, comely assistants sawed in half while smiling, a scarf turned into a flock of doves.

But magic is more than that.

Magic is our ability to bend reality to our will and the ability to see the tools with which we can accomplish this.

In the realm of metaphysical, those tools hold an aura of the mystical. The wand, the cup, the stone, the blade. And there the bending of reality to will is that which occurs in unseen planes. A prayer, a spell, a candle lit with petitions carved in wax.

But those are not the only tools, and that is not the only way. The pen, the mind, the camera, the laptop. All those are tools too, and can shape the world. The article that sparks an investigation, the face that stirs worldwide empathy, the determination that frees an innocent man. All these are tools that shape the world, and the mundane magician works just as hard.