King of Coins

The King of a suit represents our conscious external face, as relating to that element.  He is the ruler, the authority, the construct- he is the sense of duty and the sense of entitlement, the sense of obligation and community service that we carry when we are living into our roles in the world. Coins are the suit of the physical realm- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance. The fields and woods of our domain, our houses, homes, and physical selves.

Where the Queen of Coins is a smaller Empress, the King of Coins is likewise a facsimile of the Emperor. He is the benevolent ruler, the wise and jolly king. He has presided over good plantings and better harvests, successful hunts and well-planned trading. He is mature and seasoned, but not embittered; appropriately prudent, but not stingy.

Similarly to the Queen, however, if this card is reversed or otherwise ill-dignified, this can signify either gluttony or miserliness. Perhaps wealth by ill-gotten gains, or success through the ruthless suppression and sabotage of others. Money itself is not the root of all evil, but one can certainly make the case that the desire for money is.

Where is well-managed abundance appearing in your life? How have you ruled well and generously, and brought prosperity and abundance to your own domain? Where are you perhaps too miserly, or conversely, too frivolous? How can you learn to rule with an eye toward a prosperous future?