Queen of Coins

The Queen is the seat of our unconscious self, and the way we interact with the people and world around us. She is most obvious in our relationship behaviors- the things we do in relating to other people that stem from instinct, rather than premeditation.  Coins are the suit of the physical realm- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance. The crops that ripen in the field, the animals we tend, the bodies with which we work and play.

In the suit of Coins, the Queen is a mini-version of the Empress- the goddess of all that is plentiful, the Bounteous Host. She is the outpouring of plenty, the personification of fertile abundance in body, mind, and spirit. She gives freely and graciously of her bounty, asking only that it be enjoyed.

The flip side of abundance and largess, of course, is gluttony and selfishness, and if poorly aspected, this card can suggest such. If one has more than enough, but does not share, or does not notice others in need, that is to one’s own detriment. Hedonism, likewise, while perhaps enjoyable and appropriate in the moment, can cause problems if it becomes a sole way of life.

Where are you bounteous and overflowing with wealth? What do you have to freely and joyously offer? How can you be the abundant queen, and share the never-ending feast with your guests? Where might you benefit from freeing yourself from a scarcity mindset? How can you introduce the idea of “enough and more” to your life?