Knight of Coins

The Knight is often the messenger of the court cards, but he also serves as the motion, the catalyst. The Knight is the spark which makes things happen, whether for good or ill; the Knight is the agent of change.  Coins are the suit of the physical realm- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance.

The Knight of Coins is not on a quest for spirituality, or mysticism, nor is he in it just for the fun of the adventure. This is a card about proving oneself, whether in the field of battle or through the dogged endurance of an extended campaign. This Knight needs to show his stamina, his prowess, his ability to take what is given him and plow through, coming out better on the other side. You can’t return home victorious with spoils until after you’ve won the battle and loaded up the loot, after all.

Where do you need to prove yourself? How can you muscle through an obstacle in order to carry the day and return triumphant? How you procure and deliver your own abundance and prosperity? Where might you need to buckle down and push through? Do you shrink from tests of endurance and fortitude? Why? How might you meet them head on?