Page of Coins

The Page is the youth, the student of the court cards, but also the unconscious actor. The Page is both uninfluenced by the cares of age and the world, and uninhibited by concerns and consequences. Coins are the suit of the physical, the tangible- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance.

In the suit of Coins, the page can take many forms- an apprentice in a trade, a youth pursuing sports or athletics, or a person who travels for the sake of the physical experiences. They are devotees of the physical experience, whether through food, through physical labor, through communing with nature, or cultivating abundance in some way. The element of bravery that the page borrows from the Fool shows through in determination- the gymnast may fall off the beam twice, but she climbs on it three times.

Where are you most in tune with your own physical self? How do you enjoy pushing your body’s limits? What makes you get up and try again, and again, and again? Where could you incorporate more of the physical into your world? How do you need to be more fearless?