Ten of Coins

Health, wealth, prosperity and joy! Feasting and merry-making and groaning tables of food and drink! The ten of coins is the significator of overflowing abundance, especially in the physical realm. This may be in monetary form, or in the guise of goods. It can also be of the needed things of life- a good house, a big meal, extra barrels of wine.

The suit of coins can, and often does, have to do with money and wealth, but it is less the sort of wealth that exists on paper, in bonds and stocks and movements of symbols from one column to another, and more the tangible sort of largess. In some ways, it’s the Wealthy Nobleman card- a good store of coins, chickens and pigs and cows in the stables and sheds, a fat wife and chubby children, a good solid house repaired against the winter weather.

What constitutes wealth to you? Abundance? In what areas of your life are your proverbial coffers overflowing? How can you cultivate the sense of ease and satisfaction that comes from physical abundance? How can you embrace the satisfaction of your current situation?