Six of Coins

Five for silver, six for gold. Six gold coins freely given, symbolizing the vast wealth beyond, the generosity of friend and stranger. Charity and philanthropy, well-managed resources reaping benefits for all, the largess of those who can afford to spread the wealth. Enough for all, and more to share.

Sometimes generosity can come with expectations, or with strings. Sometimes all that glitters is not golden. Sometimes what seems to one person to be a gift seems to another person to be a loan, or a bribe, or a hint, or a plea. Philanthropy can be well-intentioned, but go astray. Still the intent is good, the wealth is distributed. Where it falls is only partially the responsibility of the one casting it forth.

What generosity are you benefiting from? Where could you be more generous? Are you attaching strings (conscious or unconscious) to your gifts? Are you waiting for a handout? Are you giving more than you can afford? Are you grateful for all that you are receiving?