Five of Coins

Poverty. Despair. Loss. Desperation. The Five of Coins is one of the cards in the deck that is unambiguously bad. it’s a card that foretells a loss of resources, a loss of wealth. It’s someone grasping desperately for something, help. This is a card where it feels all has been lost, a card of someone trying to reach for any help they can find.

When the Five of Cards appears in your life, it may be financial or physical. It may tell of a loss of money, a loss of resources, a dwindling bank account, a loss of status. It may also be spiritual, so don’t be so quick to brush aside the lessons of the Five if your finances are in good shape. Poverty of the soul is real and this card can tell of a loss of faith, a loss of self, a need to return to the things that feed your self.

What are you lacking? Where do you feel you have exhausted all your resources and are coming up short? Where do you need to seek help?