Five of Coins

Destitution. Poverty. Loss. The vagaries of fortune; a lost gamble; an unforeseen risk with dreadful consequences. There is no good way to read the five of coins, and no amount of squinting will make it any less dire. This is the card of impoverishment and pessimism, on every plane- emotional, spiritual, but since this is the suit of coins, especially material.

What is unclear, of course, is the cause of the current unhappy circumstance- is it the result of poor decision making? the inevitable outcome of things set in motion many years ago? or a sudden spin of the wheel of fortune? an act of god that upends the ground beneath one’s feet?

Have you made the choices that have landed you in this plight? What choices can you make to make things better? Are being intentionally denied assistance or resources? Why? Where else can you search for help? What have you learned from being put in this position? Where do you want to go from here?