Four of Coins

The Four of Coins is a card that doesn’t look so bad — at first. The Four is someone holding their money close. It’s not immediately clear why, if it’s simply a desire for wealth or a very real fear that there isn’t enough to share.  But if you look closer, they are holding on very tightly and at some point, things change. Caution and responsibility become miserliness and suddenly, the person is not controlling their wealth, but their wealth is controlling them.

In our western, capitalist society, the Four of Coins is a very easy trap to fall into. We are encouraged to be successful, as defined by more money. We are encouraged to fear the future, to hold tight to our resources. Generosity, in small forms, is admired, but too much and it is chided as naivete and stupidity. The goal is to have more, not just to have what you need or can enjoy, but to keep on for the sake of keeping on.  We are all balanced on the knife-edge of fear, fear that we won’t have enough and there will be nothing we can do to scrape by, because we have seen how those who need help are treated.

When the Four of Coins appears, ask yourself — are you holding too tight to your resources? Even if you are legitimately worried about your security, are you letting that fear take over? Instead of enjoying your wealth, has it become something that holds you back?