Four of Coins

Where the two of coins struggled to keep a balance, and where the three is the promise of rewarded diligence, the four of coins is instead a card of clinging, of making sure to keep careful account of what is yours, and where it is at all times. It is miserly, yes, but it is not miserly out of greed- this is miserliness out of fear.

If you’ve ever experienced hard times, you know this card- this is the “I can pay rent, and I can buy food, but would I rather pay the heating bill or register my car?”, the “I know it’s only $1.53, but where did it go??” card. At its best, this is a card of careful governance, of accounting and diligence with one’s money and possessions- a necessary and laudable skill. At its worst, this is penny-pinching without cause, begrudging every cent that crosses one’s palm.

Where are you being conservative with your money or resources? Is it necessary? Do you need to keep more careful account of them? Are you being responsible, or are you being obsessive? What is motivating your concern- is it caution, or fear?