Three of Coins

Three coins sit as a reward for labor; an incentive for further work; a price agreed upon for goods not yet delivered. Where coins are the suit of prosperity and abundance, the threes are still a card of earliness in the journey, of a process begun, but not yet well underway.

This is a card of planning and preparation, of work started, but still in the beginning phases. This can also be a card of a craftsperson, a skilled laborer, a designer, or some other wide-reaching work. This card can be used to signify business ventures, or working relationships, particularly those that are not yet well-established.

What ventures have you undertaken? What work do you do that is showing promise of reward? What partnerships have you joined, or new skills have you applied? Where might you benefit from further attention to your craft, or the learning of different skill sets? What new paths might you need to explore in order to form new working relationships?