Two of Coins

If we consider coins to be the suit of the physical realm- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance, and twos to be generally the cards that hint at balance, at evaluation, then it seems rather quickly clear that the Two of Coins is going to be about money, or at the very least, resources.

Twos are often also cards of beginnings, of starting out- in this case, perhaps the beginning of a business, and the limited resources that often go in to the starts of ventures. Or maybe a new phase of financial life- starting a new job, buying a house. Whatever resources or financial decisions are involved are clearly both in flux and in balance. Or, need to be.

What monetary or physical resources are currently beginning to appear for you? Where do they need to be balanced, and against what? How can you best apply these resources to your life and situation, without overextending or dropping them?