Ace of Coins

Stability. Abundance. Prosperity. The initial investment which leads to the overflowing coffers. A shimmering hoard, the goose laying the golden egg. A house, grown addition by addition until it sprawls. Fields ripe in the late autumn sun, a cornucopia spilling forth with gourds and fruit and bread and meat.

The Ace itself is the purest distillation of a suit; the Alpha, the Beginning of Things, the Origin, the Source, the wholeness and full potential in raw form. Coins are the suit of the physical realm- the body, the earth, health, wealth, and abundance. The crops that ripen in the field, the animals we tend, the bodies with which we work and play.

This Ace is the root of all things physical- a birth, the beginning of a passionate physical affair, the building or buying of a house, the beginning of joyful work. This is the exhilaration of a physical challenge surmounted, of full health, and overflowing abundance.