King of Cups

The King, as a card, is our conscious external face.  He is the ruler, the authority, the construct- he is the sense of duty and the sense of entitlement, the sense of obligation and community service that we carry when we are living into our roles in the world. The suit of cups is the suit of our intuition, our hopes, fears, dreams, knowings, all the things that move within us and through us. The cup is filled with water from the well of the world, and with our tears, and sweat, and blood.

The King of Cups is the intuitive ruler- the king who knows instinctively what is needed, and acts without question for what he must sacrifice. He has compassion for his subjects, and is beloved by all around him. He is also the Fisher King; the wounded ruler whose pain is tied to his land, who holds the grail and waits to be healed.

What ails you? How are these wounds manifesting in your realm? Where could you be served by identifying with those around you? What compassion do you feel for yourself and those who look to you for leadership?