Knight of Cups

The Knight is the messenger of the court cards, but also the motion, the catalyst. The Knight makes things happen, whether for good or ill; the Knight is the agent of change. The suit of cups is the suit of our intuition, our hopes, fears, dreams, knowings, all the things that move within us and through us. The cup is filled with water from the well of the world, and with our tears, and sweat, and blood.

This is the noble knight who quests for the Holy Grail- though trial and tribulation may impede the journey, the quest is all-consuming, and the shining ideal overcomes all obstacles. Sometimes a card of religious fervor, this knight can also indicate a deep-rooted change of one’s way of life, from a detrimental or unsustainable pattern into a completely new way of being. The quest for Truth is not about the destination, but about the questing, and the overcoming of one’s own frailties in the name of a more pure connection.

What deep spiritual truth are you questing for? Or is your truth to be found on a journey within, transforming yourself from inside to outside? What holy grail gives you hope in the face of darkest night and greatest temptation? Or, have you perhaps drunk the kool-aid? Are your ideals spectacular to the point of non-existence, pulling you on a never-ending and arduous search for something that has never been? How can you drink from a cup that lives ever just out of reach?