Page of Cups

The Page is the innocent of the court cards, but also the unconscious actor. The Page is both uninfluenced by age and the world, and uninhibited by concerns and consequences. The suit of cups is the suit of our intuition, our hopes, fears, dreams, knowings, all the things that move within us and through us. The cup is filled with water from the well of the world, and with our tears, and sweat, and blood.

The Page of cups is lost in the journey of self-discovery- delving the deeps of inner divinity, exploring the connection of self to the higher universe, seeking for the fulfillment of emotional truth and connection. Everything is holy, and the page is setting out on the unseen paths of the psyche. This can be a card of initiation into a spiritual order or vocation, among other things.

What deeper emotional truth or connection are you seeking? How will you  go about finding it? Are you being called to deepen your spiritual understanding of yourself or the world around you? Upon what new intuitive paths are you stepping out? Conversely, how could your life benefit from the spiritual practice of beginner’s mind? How does seeing everything around you as sacred change your day-to-day living? How could deepening your search for emotional connection and expression make you a more whole being?