Ten of Cups

Within the intimacy of friends and family, there it is that our cups overflow with joy and pleasure. Like all the Tens, the Ten of Cups is card of completion, fulfillment- in this case, the emotional fulfillment found when those we love are gathered near. Whether family of blood or family of choice, this is the card of the connection we share with those close to us.

Sometimes, we place this sort of connection on a pedestal, holding the hallmark ideal of the turkey dinner and the picket fence as more important than our actual existing relationships. The Ten reminds us that we don’t seek perfection; we seek fulfillment  and those are often two different things.

What are your most important and fulfilling relationships? What do you get out of them? What do you bring to them? What do you love about them, even if it’s not perfect? What moments hold that joy of love and emotional intimacy for you?