Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a card of reward. This is the fruits of your efforts, and the enjoyment of them. Pure and simple, it’s hedonism. This is not a polite pleasure or a mild contentment. It’s full-out wallowing in indulgence. Too often, we demur our enjoyment to appear proper and acceptable but the Nine of Cups has none of that. It’s entirely unashamed. Of course, like anything else in life, hedonism has a dark side. It’s possible to get lost too much, to be reckless in the search for pleasure. To hurt others in the quest for your own joy.

When the Nine of Cups appears, ask yourself: are you denying yourself enjoyment? Are you putting off happiness to appear acceptable? Or are you indulging too much? Have you been allowing yourself to be willingly blind to the rest of life in favor of a quick burst of happiness?