Nine of Cups

Reward. Just Desserts. All prepared to be enjoyed, and to be enjoyed by one person. Luxury to be reveled in, a select opportunity for debauchery, a delightful spread of decadence laid out and waiting.

But where is the line between a deserved reward being enjoyed, and the greedy refusal to share? When does pleasure turn to gluttony, decadence to depravity? The Nine may speak of rightful enjoyment of the gifts or rewards we have been given or earned, but it can just as easily speak to those sins of the flesh- greed, gluttony, miserliness, and self-gratification.

What pleasures have you earned? How do you enjoy them? Where are your impulses sliding from satisfaction to self-righteousness, from reward to hoarding? Where do you run the risk of glutting yourself rather than sharing your bounty?