Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is a bittersweet card. It’s that feeling of walking away from the things you’ve built, the things you’ve accomplished. It’s time to move on, and while the move may be a good one, there’s still a sadness there. Leaving something behind is always hard, even when it’s time. But it’s also necessary, to make room for the new things in life.  It’s no good to stay in a place you’ve outgrown, even if it is comfortable. And it’s not good to continue to hang on to a finished cycle, even if the unknown scares you.

When the Eight of Cups appears, it’s time to consider what may be holding you back from moving on. It can also be a reminder that sadness doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t move ahead. You can feel sadness at what is lost, but still know that you must keep going. What do you need to leave behind? Are you honoring the feelings of letting go, without letting them hold you back? What is telling you it’s time to move on?