Seven of Cups

The seven of cups- beautiful illusions. The lustrous visions of hopes and dreams, the siren song of possibility. The haze of what-might-have-been, what-could-be, if-only… The enchantments of pipe dreams, the distraction of the mirage, the lurid obsession of the vision.

The thing about dreams and hopes and illusions, though, is that they are lovely, and attractive. They draw you in, making you look more closely, losing yourself in the surreality. The sirens sang a beautiful tune, and lured the unwary sailors to their deaths. They went happily to their doom, never seeing their imminent demise coming, shrouded as it was in illusory fulfillment.

What dreams are you pursuing to the exclusion of all reality? Is your focus so narrow that you have lost touch with anything outside your hoped for results? Is your head so much in the clouds that you are not functioning in your day-to-day life? Or are you struggling to integrate big dreams into a smaller reality? Where can you connect the two, so as not to be lost in the shadows?