Six of Cups

Nostalgia, longing for the “good old days”, the remembrance of a golden age; but not in a delusional sense- these were good times that really happened, moments shared and enjoyed, time well spent with good company. Whether we look back with fondness or with longing, the six is that lovely light-edged time that we hold up in our memories as when life was beautiful.

The six of cups reminds us of all those moments of yesterday that are worth remembering, and all the values that our society holds in idealistic hands- family, and love, and childhood, and joy, and innocence. Those times, and their associated feelings, are the hopes and ideals that we will return to again and again throughout our lives.

What ideals do you hold? What are you nostalgic for? What moments would you like to recreate, or what moments do you wish you had? How can you embody these golden moments in your present and future?