Four of Cups

Four cups sit, three together and one apart. One group is dream, illusion, fantasy; the other, reality.

In comparison to our dreams, reality can often seem drab and grim- and yet, if we ignore reality, we are unlikely to ever achieve our dreams. Dreams remain fantasies and delusions were focused on to the exclusion of real action, and the dreamer will be ever caught in the netherworld of unrealized hopes. Dreams are necessary to life, and some illusions must be preserved in order to maintain our stories. And yet, without reality, there is no starting point, no support on the road to the hoped-for destination.

How are you dreaming too much, and acting too little? Are you so caught up in the beauty of illusion, that you are ignoring dreams or hopes you have already achieved? Where are you ignoring resources that could help you in favor of the elusive beauty of the unfulfilled? How can you preserve your dreams, while still being aware of your realities? How can you use your realities to pursue your dreams?