Two of Cups

Two of cups- a partnership, an embarkation. The beginning of a fruitful union, of a relationship which will be of benefit to both parties. A marriage, a business venture, a troth between friends or communities.

The two is ever the card that hints at balance, at evaluation- the one, and the other. Cups are the suit of the soul; of emotion, and the unconscious. Thus, the two of cups is a partnership that is deep and significant in nature. This is no mere business transaction, this is a uniting that involves dreams and hopes and feelings. It is a positive card; the association is joyfully entered into, and a toast is drunk to the happiness and success of all future undertakings.

What relationships are you just beginning? What dreams, hopes, and ideas do you bring to new ventures that you are investing in? To whom or what are you pledging your troth?