Ace of Cups

Deep, thick, currents. The pull of the deep, the flow beneath the surface of still waters. The well of the world, of wyrd, the rivers of intuition emptying into the vast universal unconsciousness. Hopes, fears, dreams, knowings, all the things that move within us and through us. Tears, and sweat, and blood.

The Ace is the purest distillation of a suit, the Alpha, the Beginning of Things, the Origin, the Source, the wholeness and full potential in raw form, the suit of Cups is our heart and our gut; the seat of our feelings, our emotions, our intuitions, our desires and dreams and secret knowings.

The Ace of Cups is the Holy Grail- the mythical dish which within it the blood of a god and the tears of a mortal woman, mingled together into a tincture of divine love. It is the cauldron of Cerridwen, from which all inspiration springs, and transformation rules. It is the bowl of the firmament, holding the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth. It is the potential of the womb, quickening with fulfillment.