King of Staves

The King of Staves is not the kind of leader who directs his men into battle from behind a desk.  No, he’s the first one charging the hill — possibly while the rest of the troops are wondering if he’s lost his damn fool mind (again).

As Captain Kirk said in the new Star Trek, “I don’t believe in impossible scenarios.”  Nor does the King of Staves. He’s going to get where he wants to be, on whatever skill, determination, charisma and luck he can manage. And there will be a lot of charisma — the King of Staves can also be a bit of a flirt.

Like, the Queen, the King adds some skill to his passion and determination. That’s why he’s likely to overcome impossible scenarios – he rushes in but he does have a plan. It may just be one that evolves. Rapidly.

Believe in yourself. Believe in going for what you want, and don’t be stupid — but do be prepared to take risks. Have your plan, and then think on your feet. What you want is worth it, right?