King of Staves

The King, as a card, is our conscious external face.  He is the ruler, the authority, the construct- he is the sense of duty and the sense of entitlement, the sense of obligation and the sense of community service that we carry when we are living into our roles in the world. The suit of staves is the suit of the heart,  and of the active principle, the driving force or passion that propels us and sparks our spirits.

The King of Staves is a brave and strong ruler- he is passionate, committed, and fearless. He is on the side of Right, and he does not hesitate in the face of danger. He knows himself to be the best man for the job, and leads all those around him with dignity and fairness. He is magnanimous in victory, and ruthless in pursuit. Betray him at your peril. His arm is strong, his justice swift, his conduct unimpeachable,  and his decisions plain.

How do you inspire those around you to greater heights? What factors form the basis for your campaigns? How do you lead- yourself? Others? Your tribe? What parts of yourself need to be taken charge of? How do you stride forward to meet your challenges?