Queen of Staves

The Queen, as I read the cards, is the unconscious, but external, portion of ourselves. This is a little difficult on the surface, but it’s most obvious in our relationship behaviors- the things we do in relating to other people that stem from instinct, rather than premeditation. The Queen is the seat of our unconscious self, and the way we interact with the people and world around us.  The suit of staves is the suit of the heart,  and of the active principle, the driving force or passion that propels us and sparks our spirits.

The Queen of Staves is a powerful and confident woman. Commonly read as a symbol of fertility, creativity, and determination, she is an abundant and wise ruler. However, there is more to her than meets the eye- her independence can manifest as control and privacy, and she seeks no one’s permission.

This is a card of self-determination; of the confidence and ease that comes from experience, paired with the joy and success of doing work for which one is well suited. Permission is not needed and resources are plenty; however, sometimes a little self-sufficiency can go a long way.

Where are you entitled to make your own decisions? Where is your success? Where do you feel that you can succeed with ease, grace, and a sense of pre-ordination? How are you the ruler of your own realm, through right and merit? How can you maintain your independence, while still making space for interaction with and contributions of others?