Knight of Staves

The Knight is the messenger of the court cards, but also the motion, the catalyst. The Knight makes things happen, whether for good or ill; the Knight is the agent of change. The suit of staves is the suit of the heart,  and of the active principle, the driving force or passion that propels us and sparks our spirits.

The Knight of Staves can be easily read as a catalyst; an event or information that suddenly causes everything to shift. This can be a personal event, or a public one- it could also be information or news that suddenly tips one over into a decision or action. In the abstract this card can be seen as the unpredictable actions of a group- protests, market behaviors, riots- or as a galvanizing principle. It can also indicate a career in invention or the creative arts,  or other areas where coloring outside the lines and dedication to one’s personal soul calling are crucial.

A catalyst is only a neutral thing, however- the resulting consequences can fall to either the good or the bad. Action is better than stagnation, but action without intention or purpose can end very badly. The Knight goads us into motion, but he can also be a warning to make sure that your aim is true, or to adjust your course to better hit your goal.

What messages have you received? What projects or ideas are clamoring to be set free into the world? Where do you need the spark of inspiration to give you a new goal or new set of options? What decisions need to be made, rather than considered? Where do you need to discern your course, even if already in motion? What parts of your journey could be better planned before action is taken?