Page of Staves

The Page of Staves is carefree, eager, ready to leap into the next adventure without a care for practicalities.  When I think of the Pages, I think often of youth.

When you watch children on a playground, they are ready to try anything. Climb up high, go down the biggest slide, dangle from the monkey bars. It isn’t until they internalize the warnings of the parents — not to high, not too fast, slow down — that they approach with caution or fear.

The Page hasn’t internalized those fears yet, and is ready to go happily into the next adventure. But of course there are risks in doing that. When the Page comes up consider, are you being too blind to fears? Or are you too attuned to them, have you internalized so much fear that you shy away from opportunities? Could you use a bit of joyous, fearless adventure?