Page of Staves

The Page is the innocent of the court cards, but also the unconscious actor. Both uninfluenced by age and the world, and uninhibited by concerns and consequences. The suit of staves is the suit of the heart,  and of the active principle, the driving force or passion that propels us and sparks our spirits.

The Page of Staves is a card of adventure; the beginning leap into the unknown, the excitement and anticipation of setting out on a journey of the heart. Like the Fool, this is a card of the stepping forth, but where the Fool is strolling, the Page of Staves is marching, or running. It’s the excitement of the child who races to the end of the block, the creativity of the artist lost in duende, the passion of the musician playing for joy. It can indicate new ventures or fresh ideas, a sudden inspiration or an immediate plunge into action.

It is also, however, a card of inhibition and impulsivity. There is a reason that we have the phrase “look, before you leap”, and this Page could benefit from that admonition. Passion and creativity and impulsiveness and spontaneity can all be wonderful things, but we all must live with the consequences of our actions, whatever they may be.

Where are you seeking that sudden spark? What parts of your life would benefit from throwing caution to the wind? What passions do you need to pursue? When can you lose yourself in the creative moment? Alternatively, where do you need to look before you leap? Where could a little more discretion have actually been in order? What impulses need to be examined before being acted upon?