Ten of Staves

This is the card of the workaholic.

The Ten of Staves is work and burdens. So much work, the kind that weighs heavy on your shoulders, be it a physical or metaphorical weight. The legacy of our puritan ancestors, here in the U.S., is that we emphasize the value of hard work and industriousness. We show off how hard we work, how long, we drag ourselves to work sick rather than recover, and we brag about how little vacation time we take.

But as we do this, we risk becoming beaten down, shells of ourselves. Even those who love what they do may have time outside of work. But the endless grind comforts, it makes one feel worthy, an essential cog in the machine. If we are free to take time, then it may mean we are not needed. We may also use work to hide, to escape the risk of pleasure and authenticity required outside the professional facade.

When the Ten of Staves confronts you, ask yourself: How much of my work is necessary? What am I hiding from by being buried in burdens? Is my work truly giving me a sense of value? Be wary of working yourself to the point of becoming useless and remember the value of seeking balance.