Seven of Staves

One person stands holding the high ground, defending the space against those who would take it by force.  The fight is not deadly, at least not yet, but it is in earnest. The combatants each have something serious at stake, and will fight for their goal. The fight is engaged, but it is not yet clear who will be victorious- all that is certain is that there will be winners and losers, and all will need to lick their wounds.

Defense of things important to us is a necessary element of life, as is the willingness to push to take things that we believe are important. And yet, if both sides claim that God is with them, how do we know who should win? The seven is not a card of right/wrong- simply a card of struggle and combat.

What are you defending? Who attacks, and seeks to take what is yours? Do you have allies, or simply the higher ground? Is it worth the defense?