Six of Staves

The victor returns to wide acclaim! There is reveling in the streets, all who see know that the day has been carried! Laurels await amid the throng to herald the triumphant return!

Whether the conquest is diplomatic or martial, there is no question as to who has won- this is no small, private, victory. This is trumpet fanfares and parades and people in the streets. This is a public, large-scale, triumph, and it is meant to be shouted, sung, and reveled in. No retiring back, no wallflowers here! This is time to accept all the accolades being flung at one’s feet.

What victory do you need to revel in? Where could you have this sort of very public triumph? Release any fear of playing it up- this is the time to ride the white horse and fling coins to your adoring crowds! The day is yours; seize it!