Four of Staves

The poles are up, and it’s time for a celebration! Bedecked with garlands, or holding a tent canopy; with ribbons streaming in the wind, or tied to a chuppah; this is the place.

The four of staves follows on the heels of the two (taking stock) and the three (planning for the future) with a more immediate sense of specific preparation- the guests are expected, the goose is cooking, and soon, there is to be a feast.

Traditionally, this can be understood as a wedding, but to me it has always been slightly more general- perhaps a christening, or a coming of age. It is not a public event in the sense that the six of staves will be, but neither is it intensely private. For a party, even a small one, there must be people. Even a marriage requires witnesses.

What celebration are you preparing for? What celebration should you perhaps be preparing for? How can you invite those around you to celebrate your impending happiness?