Ace of Staves

Sheer energetic potential. Action and immediate reaction. Fire in the belly. Better to flame out than to burn out. The nearly manic force of insistent life, the buzzing of bees, the push of a seed sprouting to reach the sun. The sun itself, flaming and fusing in a continual eruption.

Where the Ace is the purest form of energy, the Alpha, the Beginning of Things with no plan, no hindrance, no limits, nothing other than sheer power, the Staves are the suit of the spirit, of motivation, of passion, of exuberance. This is the suit  of youthful vigor, of battle, love, creativity, lust, fever, wrath, and vengeance, and all those things that boil the blood and heat the flesh.

The Ace of Staves indicates incredible riches of strength and drive. This is the card of beginnings, of launching enterprises, of striding forth and proclaiming oneself to the world. This is joy, heat, and ferocity.