King of Blades

The King, as a card, is our conscious external face.  He is the ruler, the authority, the construct- he is the sense of duty and the sense of entitlement, the sense of obligation and the sense of community service that we carry when we are living into our roles in the world. The suit of blades is the suit first of the intellect, and second of lessons learned, often through pain.

The King of Blades is a just and cunning ruler- he is strategic, deliberate, and thoughtful. He takes no unconsidered action, his mind is wide-ranging, and he weighs all the outcomes in the light of Justice. He is scrupulous, but unafraid to strike a killing blow when needed. He roots out all things which pollute his kingdom and dispatches them swiftly and ruthlessly.

How do you make the important decisions? What factors do you weigh and consider carefully? How do you lead- yourself? Others? Your tribe? What parts of yourself need to be taken charge of? Where can you deliberately excise those things that are keeping you from realizing your full sovereignty?