Queen of Blades

The Queen of Blades is a fierce, intimidating woman. She lives by her mind, her wits. Her intelligence is her weapon, more so than anything, and she wields it ruthlessly.

This is a woman with a tough shell. She’s capable, she’s independent and she may have been scarred in the past. But her pain has not made her weaker, it has given her strength. Because even in the depths of sorrow and despair, she fights. She has taken her pain and forged it into something greater.

She is the woman who has been wounded and built herself up stronger than those who tried to break her. She is the woman who has locked her heart and emotions way to serve the greater good. She has wit and cunning, strategies to outlast and out-think everyone else.

On the plus side, she is a woman who is strong, who will not be denied, whose intelligence carves a path through the world. But on the negative, she is cold and cruel, having denied herself emotions to achieve success, with a biting wit that wounds.  Never, though, is she a woman to be crossed.