Knight of Blades

The Knight is the messenger of the court cards, but also the motion, the catalyst. The Knight makes things happen, whether for good or ill; the Knight is the agent of change. The suit of blades is the suit first of the intellect, and second of lessons learned, often through pain.

The Knight of Blades, on a very basic level, is a card of messages or information. In the modern world, we could see this as an email or a text message giving new information, a sudden revelation via the Internet. In the abstract, however, this can be seen more as a dedication to the flow of information. A career in media, or politics, or science, where the intellect is prized and the need to adapt to new information is an ongoing necessity.

A catalyst is only a neutral thing, however- the resulting consequences can fall to either the good or the bad. Shouting fire in a crowded theater is one way to get a message across, sure, but are there better ways to get the intended information across? The Knight swings a sword to cut ties to things that do not serve, but also indicates a need to watch where exactly the sword is swinging if there is a desire to control the outcome.

What messages have you received? What information do you need to examine or release in order to jumpstart change? Where do you need to use the sword of the intellect to cut away beliefs and patterns that are not serving you? Where do you need to exercise skill in swinging your will in order not to slice through things you’d rather keep?